13dpiui and it’s looking like a bust. Technically still CD29, but a handful of negative dollar store tests and all the indications of an impending new cycle makes it sure seem like our Perfect-Timing-conceived-on-Rosh-Hashanah-first-shot baby dreams are not going to be a reality.

Note to self: babies don’t care about conveniencing you. Remember?

And so the annoying next steps will begin as soon as the new cycle does: calling my doc to let her know that I’m not pregnant, and so would like to schedule a small procedure to remove two tiny submucosal fibroids from the ute. Under heterosexual circumstances, she wouldn’t do this procedure until we had some evidence that they were affecting my fertility, but since “trying for a while” is a really expensive experiment, she thinks going for it is a good idea.

Then we’re traveling in November. So next try: December. Feels like an eternity from now, but I know it will fly by, for better and worse. We’ll use both of our remaining stored vials for that try (two is easier to time than one, gives us more coverage, increases our percentages of likelihood, etc.). And after that, we’ll see, I guess…

In the meantime, A got hush hush news that she’s getting a big award, so we’ve been riding high on that!

As for next year (Isa!)…we don’t know! A might get an extension here. She might get another job. We might head back to the midwest and piece it together. Everything is up in the air right now. Trying to be cool and chill and figure out what the long term plan is: where we want to be, what we both want to be doing, how we can make that happen.

This morning the zunzun declared his tremendous love for Spiderman, and assured us it’s mutual: “I’m his best friend.”


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