Writing it down

The zunzun is getting too good at talking. His cute baby words are correcting into real grown language. It’s sad. I mean, it’s good. We want him to speak well. But each slipping baby-ism is a tiny heartbreak.

He never says “feep” anymore, even though we do. I refused to give him any fruit snacks unless he continued to call them “wunacks,” so now he self-corrects back to baby talk.

He just asked me to “scoop over.” I will be so sad when this one goes.


2 thoughts on “Writing it down

  1. I still refer to the o-pad, even though that stopped months ago. Lately I focus more on cute phrasing, since you can cultivate it more, but yes, it will be sad when they really aren’t babies anymore. Luckily then they’ll be able to do more fun stuff, so hopefully it’ll make up the difference.

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